Dynamic Leadership Development Program
The Dynamic Leadership Development Program is a 1 day workshop focused on aligning all members of your team to a primary purpose.
Dynamic Strategic Leadership Program
The Strategic Dynamic Leadership Development Program is a 3 day workshop focused on providing executives and senior managers with the tools and training required to build on the outcomes of the one day workshop (Dynamic Leadership Development Program) and develop dynamic business plans to take the business to the next level with complete buy-in from all teams.
Dynamic Team Workshops
These are Dynamic Team one day workshops specifically designed to support different business functions from recruitment, sales, project management, leadership, facilitation, influence, delegation and team building. They are limited to a maximum of 20 participants per workshop.
Dynamic Executive Coaching
The Dynamic Executive Coaching program is a 12 month program for the executive and or senior managers that have completed the Dynamic Strategic Leadership Program 3 day workshop.
This is personally run by one of our experienced Dynamic Master Trainers, and is specifically for the executive team in charge of implementation of the Dynamic Business Plan.
Dynamic Team Leaders Program
The Dynamic Team Leaders Program is a 2 day train the trainer program, for team leaders, supervisors and managers to learn how to use the Dynamic Academy strategies to coach high performing teams.