Why was Dynamic Academy formed?

Victoria Jennings founded IPS Institute in 2005; after an impressive 25 year consulting career in vocational education and training in Australia. She grew IPS Institute to 17 campuses nationally in Australia through a licensed model based on a Dynamic Framework which catapulted her business to multi-millions in turnover annually. In 2011 she founded Talent Dynamics Australia which focused on training consultants to utilise the dynamic tools and frameworks with their clients. IPS Institute also used this tool for its students to identify their natural talents and strengths and assist in the selection of electives in their qualifications. This dramatically improved the retention and completion rates of students. IPS Institute’s clients started to request work from Talent Dynamics Australia in the form of profiles for their teams and workshops.

IPS believes that everyone has the right to do what they love, and love what they do. This is achieved through the understanding of every person’s true value in a team and allowing them to leverage that value effectively in the workplace. Then combine this with formal training in the workplace – getting the most out of teams and providing them with qualifications, creating a qualified and valued workforce, with hands-on application.

The results have been astounding including decreases in absenteeism, waste and re-work whilst improving productivity, creating high performing teams, and massive increases in revenue. As a consequence, the “Dynamic Organisation” becomes an employer of choice, able to attract and retain amazing talent which drives revenues and results in profitability increases.


The world’s leading provider of dynamic training programs and tools to maximize people performance, accelerate business growth, engage students and leave a legacy.


1 - Purpose

We believe in developing and empowering social enterprises to make a difference in our world. The bigger the “why” you are in business, the bigger your business will be. Therefore everything we do, is about the transformation of business strategy and education systems globally. We foster the genius inside each of us, whether we are business owners, team members, consultants or students, we are all valuable in our own unique way with the ability to make great contributions to this world.

2 – Trust

People work with people they trust, and it is the conduit for exchanging value. We therefore build and sustain trust in the marketplace including our relationships with our clients, staff and partners.

3 – Flow

Flow is about having people doing what they love and loving what they do. Then no one works a day in their life. Complimenting and harmonizing the different gifts and strengths that other people bring to the table. We know that everyone is a genius, we just need to work together differently to unleash the gifts within.



We are all born great at something. But as we grow up we find out all the things we are not so good at – so we spend our life feeling bad about those things working on our weaknesses, while we take our strengths for granted.

“Everyone is a genius but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree – it will go through its whole life believing that it is stupid” - Einstein

What if we created businesses, teams, entrepreneurs and education systems that encouraged individuals to focus on the one thing they were great at? Just imagine having:

  • A passionate and engaged workforce and students looking forward to the day ahead
  • Productivity and efficiency maximised
  • Cohesive complimentary teams that support each other to focus on their best
  • A business that thrives through all changes in the marketplace
  • Organisational alignment at all levels

“You see, your winning formula is someone else’s losing formula. When you know your genius, you can get into your flow and when you know the genius of your friends, your workmates, your boss, children, family you can help bring out the best in them too. As for the things you are not so great at, well there’s a genius in your network waiting to do those things for you effortlessly, and with twice the joy.” - Roger James Hamilton

The Objective is to Discover How to Get In Flow
And Stay In Flow

Problem is, it’s not so easy to discover what makes people tick. But, the proven approach we use will show you exactly how and make it seem like child’s play.

“Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don't resist them - that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like” - Lao Tzu

What Makes Us Different?

Personality and psychometric profiling for self-awareness isn’t anything new to the business world. Systems such as DISC and Myer Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) have been used in one form or another for over 50 years.

However, what you have access to with Dynamic Academy, takes the very best of these profiling systems and takes them to the next evolutionary level, delivering a unique system that is:

  • Intuitive and easy to understand
  • Has a directly measurable impact on financial results
  • Functions and integrates at all levels of business – Individual, team, organisation and the marketplace/stakeholders
  • Identifies business cycles and seasons
  • Provides a framework for strategy, communication, prioritising and systems to work together effortlessly
  • Explains our differences and provides a blue print of how to work together for far greater results

And if you are interested in the details of its heritage, the approach we use is based on a 5000 year old Chinese system of thinking called the I-Ching documented in ‘The Book of Changes’.

About our Creator

Victoria Jennings, the Director of Dynamic Academy, is an Entrepreneur and Adult Educator who is absolutely passionate about business, teaching, education and training.

She brings over 25 years’ experience in adult education, learning and development in the Technical and Further Education sector, schools, government departments and various Industry Skills Councils. She has lectured at university in undergraduate and post-graduate adult education programs and has become a very successful entrepreneur in this field launching her first company in 1998.

"passionate about business, teaching, education and training."

She was introduced to Roger James Hamilton’s creations of Wealth Dynamics in 2006 and Talent Dynamics in 2011 and has implemented these remarkable strategies into her own businesses, experiencing rapid growth since that time, now having a national presence in Australia having successfully licensed Talent Dynamics Australia and IPS Institute creating high performing teams and multi-million dollar businesses. Victoria is now sharing the strategies that have made her successful with schools, colleges, businesses, entrepreneurs and consultants.

Creating new innovative business for the marketplace is what Victoria does best. Victoria has helped her clients deliver proven results such as:

  • Business Consultants, Coach and Advisers – Trebling turnover from existing clients, and helping them deliver measurable results for their clients.
  • Entrepreneurs – Licensees of our products and services turn over anywhere between AU$80,000 per annum to AU$2,000,000 per annum
  • Large Organizations - Boosting top-line revenue by 100% within 6 months
  • Teams – Uncovering millions of dollars in additional cash flow simply by viewing the business through a new lens.
  • Individuals – Discovering roles that have them inspired and performing in as little as two hours.