The Dynamic Practitioner Program is a 2 day Train the Trainer program for coaches, trainers and consultants to learn how to use the Dynamic Profiling tools in a coaching conversation to guide their clients and provide insights into their natural talents and strengths.

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Who is it for

Becoming a Dynamic Practitioner is perfect if you are a business or life coach, trainer or consultant who deals with clients in a one-on-one capacity.

Key Benefits

  • Provide key insights into their primary and secondary profiles through debriefing sessions.
  • Give guidance about their natural talents and strengths
  • Provide debrief sessions to give career guidance
  • Provide debrief sessions to students for elective selections in a course of study

What you receive

An experiential and fun workshop that will help you realise your business objectives. Also available on-line. By the end of the course, you will receive:

  • 10 profiles for immediate use (valued at $750.00 retail)
  • Your training manual and facilitator notes so you can replicate the exercises
  • Access to monthly support and webinars
  • Access to a full intranet of materials and support
  • Access to training and content videos
  • Access to further profiles post-training at a wholesale price of $50.00 each)
  • 3 month’s Talent Dynamics Flow Consultant Accreditation – you will receive access to the global community and resources. We will gift you 3 profile tokens per month for your first three months COMPLIMENTARY. (Valued at $675.00 retail)

Skills you will learn

You will be able to:

  • Understand the different energy dynamics of different individuals
  • Understand how the profiles best interact with each other, and the subtle differences between them and their path of least resistence
  • Accurately profile your clients, serving as a great opener for coaching engagements
  • Debrief clients on their own profiles, so they best understand how they function and perform within their environments
  • Interpret and understand the Dynamic individual graphs
  • The process for conducting and running a high value Profile Debriefing session.
  • More deeply understand your coaching clients to maximise their performance through use of their natural talents
  • Develop a deeper level of trust between yourself and clients

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Expected Revenue Generation

When you have completed this workshop, you will be able to run Profile Debrief Sessions with your individual clients. Our recommended retail price for this service is $297 each.