These are Dynamic Team one day workshops specifically designed to support different business functions from recruitment, sales, project management, leadership, facilitation, influence, delegation and team building. They are limited to a maximum of 20 participants per workshop.

The training is based on the Dynamic Academy philosophy of aligning individual talent, team function, and business objectives – to create measurable business results including, but not limited to revenue, profitability and staff retention.

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Who it is for

Designed specifically for businesses with functional teams who need specific training to enhance their performance in their roles. More importantly – training that can produce measurable business outcomes such as increased revenue, profitability and staff retention.

It is also perfect for businesses and teams that have completed the Dynamic Leadership Development Program as these one day workshops will focus on functional areas of the business, to create deeper understanding about the implementation of the Dynamic Framework amongst functional teams.

Some Key Benefits

  • Deeper knowledge of the Dynamic Framework and its applicaton
  • High Performing Teams of individuals who love what they do, and do what they love.
  • Greater Staff motivation, engagement, retention and productivity.
  • Enhanced Innovation & Strategy for profitability and impact.
  • Increased Revenue which could be as large as doubling your turnover in less than 6 months.
  • Organisational Alignment at all levels.

List of One Day Short Courses

The following is a summary of short courses to be offered face to face, and online.

  • Dynamic Employee Accountability
  • Dynamic Project Management
  • Dynamic Recruitment
  • Dynamic Marketing and Sales
  • Dynamic Prospecting for Leads Like a Pro
  • Reading Body Language in Dynamic Sales
  • Objections to Nail the Dynamic Sale
  • Dynamic Sales Presentations
  • Dynamic Selling Smarter
  • Dynamic Business Leadership
  • Dynamic Communication
  • Intro to NLP
  • NLP Tools for Real Life
  • Dynamic Leadership for Supervisors
  • The Art of Dynamic Delegation
  • Dynamic Lean Process Improvement
  • Dynamic Performance Management
  • Dynamic Motivation Training
  • Dynamic Mentoring and Coaching in the Workplace
  • Dynamic Train the Trainer
  • Dynamic Facilitation Skills
  • Make Dynamic Training Fun
  • Survival Skills for the Dynamic New Trainer
  • Advanced Skills for the Dynamic Practical Trainer
  • Dynamic Practical Trainer
  • Dynamic Coaching
  • Dynamic Human Resource Training
  • Dynamic Hiring for Success
  • Dynamic Onboarding Program
  • Developing Your Dynamic Training Program
  • Creating a Dynamic Talent Management Program
  • Building Better Dynamic Teams
  • Developing Dynamic High Performing Teams
  • Conducting Effective Dynamic Performance Reviews

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