This accreditation is included in your Dynamic Team Practitioner 3 day program. A Performance Consultant is accredited to run the Dynamic Leadership Development Program in alignment with Talent Dynamics standards.

This accreditation will give you access not only Dynamic Academy’s member area, but also to Talent Dynamics member area as well.

(This is a pre-requisite to the additional 5 day accreditation program, Dynamic Strategic Team Practitioner Program.)

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Dynamic Strategic Team Practitioner Program


This program will allow you to run the 3 day workshop Dynamic Strategic Leadership Program with executives and senior managers of organisations. It is designed for the very experienced corporate trainers, facilitators and consultants who have been working with organisations for many years. It is not for the faint-hearted.

Who is it for

Becoming a Dynamic Strategic Team Practitioner is perfect if you are a very experienced corporate facilitator, trainer or consultant, accredited Dynamic Team Practitioner who runs workshops for your clients and you would like to value add the next level offering.

Key Benefits

  • Run dynamic workshops that create organisational change and enhance growth strategies at the strategic level.
  • Provide a new way of running a business and measuring its outcomes through the four lenses of different frequencies, cycles, elements and seasons.
  • Increase your client’s bottom line by 100% – 300% over a twelve month period.
  • Build high-performing strategic teams.
  • Provide profund but simple strategies to accelerate the growth of organisations.
  • Identify the value of each individual team member and show them how to embrace the complimentary differences.
  • Be the “go to” person in your field of expertise.

What you receive

An experiential and fun 5 day workshop that will help you realise your own business objectives and provide you with an added income stream. By the end of the program, you will receive:

  • Your training manual and facilitator notes so you can replicate the exercises
  • Access to a full intranet of materials and support
  • Access to training and content videos

Skills you will learn

You will be able to:

  • Implement the power of the Enterprise Promise.
  • Implement the Conditions of Success to clearly identify how organisations will know when they have reached their goals.
  • Delegate Accountabilities, having the right people in the right place doing the right tasks according to their natural talents.
  • Build powerful plumbing – the projects and processes to improve the flow of the organisation.
  • Measure what you treasure – track and measure everything the organisation has designed and implemented to make sure the desired results are constantly being delivered.

The Dynamic Team Practitioner Program is the pre-requisite to this five day workshop.

Expected Revenue Generation

You will be accredited to run the Dynamic Strategic Leadership Development Program with your clients’ teams which is a 3 day program. This program is suitable for strategic executives and managers. This program builds on the work of teams that have already completed the Dynamic Leadership Development Program. The recommended retail price for this 3 day workshop is $15,000 for up to 20 participants.