The Dynamic Leadership Development Program is a 1 day workshop focussed on aligning all members of your team to a primary purpose.

Team members will also gain an understanding of their natural genius, and how they can contribute this gift to produce phenomenal business results. Rather than isolating business objectives of profitability, market value, staff engagement retention, this program will holistically enhance results across all key areas of your business.

This workshop is limited to 20 persons at any one time and includes 10 Dynamic Profiles.

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What the Service Includes

  • Alignment of your primary purpose for your team and your enterprise
  • Dynamic Profiling for each of your team members, so they can understand their natural strengths and the best way to work with others in the team.
  • Diagnosis of how the lack of trust and flow in your team, is affecting productivity, revenue and profit.
  • Specific actions that your team can take, which will lead to simple, high impact and income producing improvements.

Key Benefits

  • High Performing Teams of individuals who love what they do, and do what they love.
  • Greater Staff motivation, engagement, retention and productivity.
  • Enhanced Innovation & Strategy for profitability and impact.
  • Increased Revenue through goal setting which could be as large as doubling your turnover in less than 6 months.
  • Uncover Large Sums of revenue by simple accountability tweaks.
  • Organisational Alignment at all levels.

Who It Is For

This program is specifically created for Business Teams to transform into Dynamic Teams for the purposes of increasing productivity, ensuring rapid growth in revenue and profit.

  • Small, medium and large enterprises
  • Across industries
  • Government departments
  • Non-profit organisations (to ensure more bang for your granted buck)
  • Schools, Colleges and Universities

Typical challenges that organisations face include the following:

  • Organizational Misalignment between the business vision, and the operating entities of the business (e.g. Products, People, Services, Systems & Processes).
  • Stuck on How to Effectively Innovate in the business environment to continually deliver value to their market.
  • Dysfunctional Teams that are not working to their full potential.
  • Struggle to Increase Business Efficiency to deliver more value for less, and enhance their profitability.
  • Disengaged Staff who aren’t working to their full potential.

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