Keynote Speaker:  Victoria Jennings, Dynamic Wealth Creator, successful entrepreneurial business woman and adult educationalist

Victoria Jennings is the Director of Dynamic Academy. She brings over 25 years’ experience in adult education, learning and development in the Technical and Further Education sector, schools, government departments and various Industry Skills Councils. She has lectured at university in undergraduate and post-graduate adult education programs and has become a very successful entrepreneur in this field launching her first company in 1998.

Ms Jennings was introduced to Wealth Dynamics in 2006 and Talent Dynamics in 2011 and has implemented these remarkable strategies into her own businesses, experiencing rapid growth since that time, now having a national presence in Australia having successfully licensed Talent Dynamics Australia and IPS Institute creating high performing teams and multi-million dollar businesses. Victoria is now sharing the strategies that have made her successful with schools, colleges, businesses, entrepreneurs and consultants.

Dynamic Academy specialises in working with business owners and entrepreneurs to improve their recruitment, selection and retention strategies which build high performing teams with measurable returns on investment.  Dynamic Academy uses workshops, tools and strategies that transform the way we do business by focussing on team accountabilities and individual talents and strengths. This improves productivity, morale and profitability. These proven strategies reduce absenteeism and create leaner organisations. After completing a 1 day workshop with teams, clients have experienced measurable returns on investment from 20 - 100 per cent increases in revenue after just six months of implementation; there are case studies and testimonials from around the world to support this.

Victoria enjoys sharing these strategies with entrepreneurs, business owners, corporate organisations, coaches, trainers and consultants through several programs on offer.


Victoria can speak on many different topics; here are some examples of titles of Topics  

  1. Eight proven pathways to wealth creation
  2. Stop rowing upstream in business - get in the flow of revenue
  3. How to get the most productivity out of a team
  4. The biggest recruiting mistakes business owners make when seeking top talent
  5. How to change your job roles to fit your people


Contact Details:

Phone: +61 7 3841 8011   Fax: +61 7 3841 8066


Some of Victoria’s happy clients:

  • Nebraska University
  • Just for Pets
  • Coffee Club
  • Resourceful Solutions
  • Elicit Success
  • Making Magic Happen
  • Business IQ Consultants
  • Luvyawork
  • Symbiosis Life
  • Video Social Marketing
  • Vital Living
  • Discover the Other
  • Transforming Workplaces
  • Boston Recruitment
  • Terry White Management
  • Construction Skills Training Centre
  • The Australian Defense Force
  • Training for You
  • Brisbane City Council
  • 2 Relate
  • Transformation and Change
  • Veolia
  • Thiess
  • Leightons
  • Fulton Hogan
  • Moranbah City Council
  • Brisbane City Works
  • Ostwald Brothers
  • Murphy’s Civil and Pipe


The results demonstrate:

  • Business turnover doubled within 6 months of implementation and continues to grow steadily.
  • Within one month of moving the ‘Lord’ on staff from customer service to an analytical role, he recovered $100,000 of outstanding debts owed to the business.
  • A Registered Training Organisation client who completed a one-day program generated over $1M of new enrolments after six months.
  • A HR team in a large national company was able to document their value to the organisation in a business case at a time when redundancies were occurring. None of the team was made redundant.
  • Uncovered 2.2 million dollars of additional income stream for a consulting firm.
  • Uncovered 3.6 million dollars of additional income stream for a faculty.
  • Using the Dynamic Framework for sales, Victoria’s personal sales conversion rates increased by 50 per cent.

Having the team in flow has freed up Victoria’s time so that she focuses on the tasks she enjoys most and give her the best return on investment for her businesses.