Dynamic Team Practitioner Program


This is where the real fun begins! Dynamic Team Practitioners help teams and organisations improve the effectiveness of their staff by changing the team dynamics. Using the Dynamic Academy framework to run workshops, you can dramatically increase the success of businesses. This means you can dramatically positively impact your client’s business, and at the same time, grow your own business.

We teach you how to market, script, organise and facilitate a number of exercises that you get to put together in unique ways like a jigsaw, for your teams and clients. So not only do you get all the resources, tools and exercises, you can personalise it and use it under your existing branded business.

When our Dynamic Team Practitioners show their clients’ teams how to get into flow, the organisations see immediate financial results. Typically from a Dynamic Leadership Development Program, we find strategies that can add 100% to a team’s revenue, which can be quickly and simply implemented. From a Dynamic Strategic Leadership Program we have seen client’s trebble turnover in less than 12 months and from a Full Implementation Program, as much as 500% increase in revenue!

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In today’s challenging economic climate, it will be high performing individuals and teams working effectively together who will lead the way for the future. For the second time in 100 years the economy has collapsed enough to bankrupt banks and entire countries. Yet from our experience, the Dynamic Academy framework has the power to shift companies to new heights of achievement, contribution and profit. If you are the Dynamic Team Practitioner or Dynamic Strategic Team Practitioner leading the way using Dynamic Academy as your torch, you too will have a permanent place in the market.

Dynamic Team Practitioner Program

Who is it for

Becoming a Dynamic Team Practitioner is perfect if you are a facilitator, trainer or consultant, already an accredited Dynamic Practitioner, who runs workshops for your clients and you would like to value add another offering.

Key Benefits

  • Run dynamic workshops that create organisational change and enhance growth strategies.
  • Provide a new way of looking at business through the four lenses of different frequencies, cycles, elements and seasons.
  • Increase your client’s bottom line by 20 – 100% over a twelve month period.
  • Build high-performing teams.
  • Provide key insights into delegating accountabilities according to the natural talents and strengths on the team.
  • Identify the value of each individual team member and show them how to embrace the complimentary differences.
  • Develop a deeper level of trust between yourself and clients.

You will also be able to access our 1 day Dynamic Teams Training Workshops (there are 33 available@ $5,000 each for multi-use and include Learner Guides, Facilitator’s Guides, PowerPoint Presentations, Marketing Material). These workshops retail at $5,000 each and can be used as reverse marketing programs.

What you receive

An experiential and fun 3 day workshop that will help you realise your own business objectives and provide you with an added income stream. By the end of the program, you will receive:

  • 25 dynamic profiles for immediate use (valued at $1,875.00 retail)
  • Your training manual and facilitator notes so you can replicate the exercises
  • Access to monthly FAME coaching support and webinars
  • Access to a full intranet of materials and support
  • Access to training and content videos
  • Access to our 1 day Dynamic Teams Training Workshops (there are 33 available @ $5,000 each for multi-use and include Learner Guides, Facilitator’s Guides, PowerPoint Presentations, Marketing Material). These workshops retail at $5,000 each and can be used as reverse marketing programs. [Insert link to list of workshops]
  • Access to further profiles post-training at a wholesale price of $40.00 each)
  • 3 month’s Talent Dynamics Performance Consultant Accreditation – you will receive access to the global community and resources. We will gift you 10 profile tokens per month for your first three months COMPLIMENTARY. (Valued at $2,250.00 retail)

Skills you will learn

    You will be able to:

  • Implement the power of Value and Leverage at the Team, Divisional and Enterprise Level and how to use this to create dramatic changes in results.
  • Implement powerful activities to shift a team from non-performing to high-performing.
  • Guide your clients to build ideas that can generate 6 figure results quickly.
  • Unblock blocks to flow quickly and easily with teams.
  • Build powerful programs which complement your current training/consultancy/business product or service offering.
  • Implement the dynamic sales process and how to maximise your business results.

First-time Dynamic Practitioners are invited to attend either the two-day workshop OR the total five-day workshop. (You cannot complete the three-day course prior to the two-day course, but you can complete them separately.)

Expected Revenue Generation

You will be accredited to run the Dynamic Leadership Development Program with your clients’ teams. This program is suitable for all employees. It is best if it is rolled out throughout the entire organisation for maximum results. The recommended retail price for a 1 day workshop is $5,000 for 10 participants.