The Dynamic Entrepreneurs Practitioners Program – 5 days is a train the trainer program, for consultants/facilitators/trainers who work with entrepreneurs to learn how to use the Dynamic Academy strategies as an additional income source.

Pre-requisites for this program include attendance of the Dynamic Wealth Creation, Dynamic Wealth Accelerator and Dynamic Entrepreneurs Mastery programs.

Using these strategies, Victoria Jennings (Founder and CEO) has grown a successful multimillion dollar training business of her own.

The Dynamic Entrepreneurs Practitioner Program represents an excellent business opportunity for those already offering coaching/consulting services to organisations.

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Who is it for

Becoming a Dynamic Entrepreneur Practitioner is perfect if you are a consultant, facilitator or trainer already working with business owners or entrepreneurs.

Benefits to you

The value to you is two-tiered:

1. It’s a great tool to add to your existing kit to help differentiate yourself in the market, increase your income stream and therefore grow your business

2. It’s a great tool for delivering value to your clients and their organisations, allowing them to maximise their performance, decrease their stress levels and enjoy what they do more

When our Dynamic Entrepreneur Practitioners show their clients how to build their business in this unique way, the enterprise enjoys immediate financial results such as:

  • Simple immediately applicable strategies that can add $100,000 to the enterprise’s revenue
  • Doubling turnover in less than 6 months
  • Improving their own productivity
  • Improving their own systems
  • Measuring value and leverage

What you receive

An experiential and fun workshop that will help you realise your business objectives. By the end of the course, you will receive:

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How do I get accredited?

To be trained, you must:

  • Have previously completed the Dynamic Wealth Creation and Dynamic Wealth Accelerator programs.
  • Deliver two workshops per year and submit relevant cases studies about them.