Earn more money with a proven business phenomenon that has already taken the world by storm.

  • Green Field Opportunity – still relatively new, so those who join now have a huge earnings potential.
  • Supercharge Your Revenue Stream by helping positively impact people’s lives, and helping them succeed in doing what they Love.
  • Easy to Sell Proven System & Programs used globally to create accelerated and measurable business results (ROI), and is now entering the US Market.
  • Simple & Exacting Approach to scale business revenue and profit whilst having fun every step of the way.
  • Maximisation of your current sales revenue and profit with minimized effort.

You will not only gain specialized knowledge that you can apply to your own business and life, but you get to earn more money by simply sharing it and transforming the lives of others.

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“Using Just One Simple Tweak on my Business, I Was Able to Generate an Additional $100,000 within a matter of minutes…” – Victoria Jennings, Director of Dynamic Academy

What is this Opportunity?

Can you imagine what it would be worth if a business could:

  • Create Business & sales teams that allow individuals to focus on the things they are naturally great at and enjoy?
  • Systematically align the different strengths of individuals in a team, to cause measurable impact on profits and productivity?
  • Follow a proven framework that would lead to rapid acceleration in business growth over a very short period of time?

This will produce amazing business results way above expectations –Dynamic Academy (Founded by Victoria Jennings) and Talent Dynamics, has already done this with many organisations globally.

“We made a great investment in running a one day workshop for the team. It’s been the most rewarding profile tool we have ever used and it makes the most sense. We will continue to reap the benefits of the workshop for a long time to come…” – Jan Peters, Managing Director of USP Creative

That is exactly what’s possible for your business, and the business of your clients.

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The Basic Principle

You see, every individual is born great at something. However, the traditional approach to business focusses on;

  • Expecting people to fulfil roles that may lie outside of their natural talents.
  • Forcing people to “fix” their weaknesses whilst taking their strengths for granted.
  • Temporary rather than sustainable motivators to keep staff engaged for the long-run.

This generally leads to stressed out, underperforming and dissatisfied staff. Worse yet – they might choose to leave or create high absenteeism rates.

What’s important to recognize is that an individual’s winning formula at work, might be someone else’s losing formulae, and understanding how to integrate individual talent in a team, is the key to a thriving and sustainable business.

“Everyone is a genius but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree – it will go through its whole life believing that it is stupid” – Albert Einstein

With Dynamic Academy, businesses can now discover how to simply create a high performing business full of passionate, productive and engaged team members, with directly measurable results that show up in revenue and profits!

Individuals are said to be in a state of ‘flow’ when they are playing to their strengths, which is where the most business value is delivered using the least effort.

To be effective in growing a business and generating sales, it’s important to assign people with the right accountabilities, and align them to the specific needs of the business and project cycles.

It’s exactly what the business world has been looking for!

Dynamic Academy Framework in Summary:

  • A Business Development, Sales and Human Resource productivity tool.
  • Identifies & Aligns Individual Strengths with business performance and accountability, so staff can enjoy what they do best.
  • Proven Process & Measurable approach to increase productivity and profits, so businesses no longer have to second guess whether their actions are net positive or not.

Who it Is Best Suited For

  • B2B Sales Managers
  • B2B Sales Representatives & Consultants
  • Business Developers & Entrepreneurs Seeking Additional Income Streams
  • Networkers, Coaches, Trainers and Consultants with a Sales Flair

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“We have experienced absolutely amazing results! The relationship between trainers and administration staff – by knowing everyone’s profile – has changed the communication between the two teams. By understanding each other’s value to the organisation, we have seen a 75% improvement in communication. I don’t know how a team couldn’t achieve these results after implementing Talent Dynamics” – Jackie Choqueot, Office Manager, CSTS

“After the first workshop we set a big hairy audacious goal to more than double our income that year. We achieved that in 9 months and actually tripled our income that year. We also built up a team to sustain the results going forward.” – Jay Harris, the Maintenance Boys