Dynamic Academy helps you put the right people in the right place:

"Everyone has their positive traits and qualities, that you need to push them towards to use the most effectively."

Lou Bridgeman - Malibu Pools

Education for Blackpool

"Facing dramatic government cuts in spending, we might not be here today if we hadn't discovered Talent Dynamics six months ago! ...Not only could we sustain but we could also scale our service .... The team was inspired in a way like never before."

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Nicola Hall, Education for Blackpool

Triumphant Events

"After finishing the one day Talent Dynamics workshop in December, we calculated, that as a result, we could add a six figure sum to our bottom line within 6 months ...The team now have a shared language that really adds to the performance of our dynamic, fast-paced environment."

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Marcus Ubl, Triumphant Events


"Talent Dynamics is just brilliant! We made a great investment in running a 2-hour Taster Session for the team. It's been the most rewarding profile tool we have ever used and it makes the most sense. We will continue to reap the benefits of the session for a long time to come ... "

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Jan Peters, USP Creative

Construction Skills Training Centre – Reverse recruiting and good communication

"... We have seen a 75% improvement in communication. I don’t know how a team couldn’t achieve these results after implementing Talent Dynamics."

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Jackie, CSTC

Workshop Productions

"Talent Dynamics Profiling was the first step, which has spearheaded and influenced every decision that has been made in the company since."

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David Guest, Workshop Productions